Novorado is offering custom software design, research and development services, with focus on electronics and semiconductors. Our key strengths are exclusive customer service, quality, speed and reasonable rates.

  • Lex/Yacc parsers
  • Custom binary and ASCII format readers and converters
  • Chip design tools and flow integration with Tcl
  • EDA tools benchmarking
  • Web reports, dashboards and frontends, metrics
  • Custom EDA/CAD applications and utilities
  • Electronics design and prototyping (Microcontrollers, FPGA, ASIC, SoC)
  • Software support and migration
  • Reverse engineering: software, hardware, protocols
  • Custom software design and integration, drivers, C++ applications
  • Independent software quality verification

Novorado engineering staff posseses outstanding qualifications in Computer Science, Algorithms development, EDA (custom software development, flow automation, distributed flows), Electronics Design, Information Technology. We are experts in broad range of Operating Systems (*nix, Windows, SunOS, etc), shell scripting and automation, databases.

Please contact sales@novorado.com or tweet @novorado